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Bigfoot Tattoos

Bigfoot Tattoos — 445 Tranquille Rd

Bigfoot Tattoos is located on the North Shore of Kamloops

Bigfoot Tattoos

  • Ocean Vibes Tattoo — Kelly Wright
  • Watermelon Tattoo — Trevor Bigam
  • Fluers Tattoo — Clay Walker
  • Chrysanthemum Skull Tattoo — Brooke Middleton
  • Apricot Tattoo — Kelly Wright
  • Viking Tattoo — Trevor Bigam
  • Pinecone add on — Clay Walker
  • Personal Strength Tattoo — Brooke Middleton
  • Bear Tattoo — Kelly Wright
  • Scorpion Tattoo — Trevor Bigam
  • Memorial Tattoo — Clay Walker
  • Ducks Tattoo — Brooke Middleton

Kamloops Tattoo Shop

Bigfoot Tattoos provides clean professional tattooing with custom designs in a variety of styles. We provide quality art & tattoos while making efforts to lower our foot print by using eco-friendly products where possible to minimize waste so you can get a tattoo with a clear conscience.

Bigfoot Tattoo Artists

Bigfoot Family

Kelly + Brooke + Clay
- Trevor

Ocean Vibes Video

Kelly Wright

Watermelon Tattoo Video

Trevor Bigam

Personal Strength Video

Brooke Middleton

Four O’Clocks Video

Clay Walker

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